You Can’t Get Water From A Rock

Have you ever had one of those God-moments that leaves you breathless and purposed in a matter of seconds? I tend to weigh my options. I tally the numbers, count the pros and cons, imagine the outcome and picture future consequences. Needless to say, making decisions takes a very long process. I take the time to present my thesis and research my motives. My briefcase is filled with files, my mind is alert and my heart leaps for the chance to present my case.

However, as I’m presented before the judge, my mouth goes dry and my mind goes numb. I search my files and they’re blank. I’m left dumb and mute before my God. “You Can’t Get Water From A Rock.” The words echo around the courtroom, resting their presence on the center of my soul. A boulder is placed before me and a mallet is pressed between my fingers. I seek the eyes of God, desperately searching for the point to this exercise. He points towards to the rustic stone and I begin to melodically hammer away. The stone is carved and shaped, but the water has yet to flow through my hands. I rest my calloused fingers and take a breath. “Is there a point, God? I’m tired. This is mindless. I’ll never reach water from this rock.”

THIS IS YOUR PURSUIT! My hands trembled and the mallet fell from my grasp. The sweat poured down and my fingers bled with pain. Each splintered edge revealed my soul’s direction. I had been chasing after water from rocks. My disappointment and frustrations. My hopes and prayers. Each obstacle had become an athletic challenge. I was determined to change their minds. I was confident that they would one day accept me. I was sure that my strength could shape their gaze, but as I stared at the stone wall before me, I realized that Christ bled for my weakness. He was stained with blood for my insecurity. His back was calloused from a splintered cross. His body ached for one sip of water. His wrists were pierced with rusted nails. With each breath they drew the mallet up high; as the crowd echoed their shouts of hatred, “Crucify Him. Crucify Him.” Jesus echoes His words upon my chaos and declares, John 7:38 “Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’”

A splintered cross and nail pierced hands brought me life. 


  • Joan

    blessed by the picture you paint…I often find myself frustrated by using my own strength and will….but God gives me strength when I give my will and desires to Him and they fall in line with HIS desires for my life…

    • Colleen Batchelder

      Amen! It’s awesome when both God and our desires meet 🙂