#MILLENNIALMONDAY Purpose and Plans for 2016

Why Millennials

What is #MillennialMonday?

#MillennialMonday is the voice of the progressive, conservative and the skeptic – it’s the voice of men and women who reveal their doubts, dreams and declarations about life, church and the world.

Why focus on millennials?

The majority of the church is centered on traditional; however, the majority of millennials are marching to a different drum – they’re wrestling with injustice and seeking to find  resolutions to the needs throughout the globe. The’re delaying marriage, they’re starting nonprofits, they’re traveling the world and seeking out ways to serve strangers. Barna Research suggests:

The majority of unchurched individuals have firsthand experience with one or more Christian churches and, based on that sampling, have decided they can better use their time in other ways. This fact should motivate us to examine how our local church looks in the eyes of the de-churched and consider making appropriate changes – not for the sake of enhancing attendance numbers but to address the possibility that we do not always behave like the church Christ died for.

These men and women are choosing to look like Christ – and this sometimes can look vastly different than the traditional church.

AWESOME Upcoming interviews for 2016?

  1. Blake Bennett – Church Planter and Lead Pastor at TheCity.church
  2. Amanda Boleyn – Founding Member at Young Entrepreneur Convention, Co-Founder at She Did It Her Way and CEO & Founder at MASH Entities, Inc
  3. Polly A. Odette – Entertainment reporter at Interviews With Polly, Media Manager at Youth Avenue TV and CEO & Founder at Hope For The Hurt
  4. Colby Martin – Teaching Pastor at Sojourn Grace Collective and Blogger at http://colbymartinonline.com

How Can I be involved?

I’m SO glad you asked! I have two ways that you can partner with #MillennialMonday.

Interview Guest: Submit a nomination for yourself/someone else aged 18-35 who is making an impact in some way. Please include:

    • Short Bio – 150 words or less.
    • Social media/website links
    • Description of your spiritual journey, if any (Some Interview Questions will have to do with faith…You can answer questions at your discretion).
    • Email at: colleenbatchelder@gmail.com

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My purpose in starting this forum is to engage – engage in conversation and engage with other leaders from around the world. My purpose is to reveal how men and women aged 18-35 are making a difference and living out the gospel in tangible and different ways. My purpose is to show the diversity of my generation making a global impact. 

John Quincy Adams declared, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” #MillennialMonday inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. It inspires them to lead well.

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*All content provided through MillennialMonday Interviews is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy, perspectives or advice given by any/all interview guests. The posts do not represent the owner of www.colleenbatchelder.org, but represent the individual opinions and perspectives of millennials as a whole. MillennialMondays serve to converse with progressives, conservatives and skeptics. All contributors are invited to share about their organizations/purpose as well as their interaction with faith.