It’s OK to Leave the Church

It’s OK to Leave the Church

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced that crossroad. We’ve all been faced with the question, “What now?”

Years ago, I joined a summer-long outreach with Campus Crusade (Cru). Each Saturday, we would mingle with countless strangers and ask them one question, “What WAS your Spiritual Journey?” Countless backgrounds and stories would pour out — each one diverse and distinct.

A couple of days ago, I found myself faced with the question, “What now?” As I walked through the meandering trail, I realized that our “Spiritual Journey” does not stop at our conversion, but continues through our Christian walk. I realized in that moment, “It’s OK to Leave the Church.” However, how do we leave well? How do we leave with a good attitude, good relationship and with good communication?

Thank Them 

Thank the pastors and leaders from that church for their influence and support. Honor their leadership and calling. Church is like family — each one is distinct and culturally different. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a church, but make sure that your departure shows honor and love towards those who have supported you. You’re leaving people, not just a building.

Don’t Gossip

Silence can be the greatest gift that you offer someone. Click To Tweet If you’re considering leaving the church, keep your conversations short with others. Seek counsel; not permission. Life changes. As Millennials, we’re always in a state of transition and change. However, change needs to be a personal decision, bot a group therapy session. Pray. Journal. Write a Pro and Con List. Take a walk. These activities lead to answers. When weighing a decision, keep your counsel to a minimum of two people who are wise and trustworthy.

Keep The Door Open 

You’re not leaving the Christian faith; you’re leaving a church. It’s OK to leave — but always leave with open communication and open doors. The pastors might not be your spiritual advisors anymore, but they are your friends, your family and your colleagues. When leaving a church, it’s important to see your previous church family as collaborators, not competition. Your Spiritual Journey is an adventure. When leaving a church, remember not to slam the door.

Question: What is holding you back from moving forward and “Leaving the Church?” How can you transition through different careers and churches without burning bridges?