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Amanda Boleyn

Have you ever met someone that you know will make a mark on the world? I have and I am thrilled to introduce you to Amanda Boleyn, Founding Member of Young Entrepreneur Convention and Co-Founder of She Did It Her Way Podcast. Thousands of millennials are quieting their 9-5  schedules and entering into the adventure of startup. They’re looking for a way to make a difference while utilizing their talents and business  savvy. Amanda Boleyn has found that balance. She’s ventured out from the safety of Monday – Friday and embraced a life that impacts and influences thousands from around the world. What is it like to lead and worship Christ in the business sector? What is it like to be a millennial leader in and a Christian? Enjoy the read and make sure to check out Amanda’s “She Did it Her Way” Podcast every Monday! Enjoy the read…

Did you always want to go into business? Why be self-employed? What is it that compelled you into entrepreneurship?

Ever since I was young I wanted to go into business. My brother and I (who are less than two years apart) always had the neighbor kids over and played “store” in our parent’s basement while using Monopoly money to make trades. I remember having Kool-Aid stands during the summers figuring out how much it would cost to make the Kool-Aid and how many cups we’d have to sell to break-even. I believe that we were created to be creators of this world. Joining the self-employed world or what I like to call “solopreneur” was based on a need for autonomy and the desire to create. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey more and what it has taught me about life.

If you could sit before an audience of first year startup CEOs, what would you tell them? Would you go back and do anything differently?

Always set goals but measure your success on what you’ve learned and not the outcome of meeting those goals.

What are your favorite podcasts/websites?

Podcast – Dave Ramsey, Build a Bigger Life, Smart Passive Income

If you could sit down and have a glass of wine/coffee with anyone, who would you pick and what would you talk about?

My grandma Boleyn (she passed away when my dad was 12)

We would talk about what her life was like, what she enjoyed most and really take some time getting to know her.

Why focus a podcast solely on women? Do you feel like women still have to fight to gain recognition in the workplace? Have we really progressed in opportunity over the years?

She Did It Her Way podcast was created to fill a need. My two other co-founders and I all enjoyed podcasts and we couldn’t find one that was focused on female entrepreneurship. So, in entrepreneurial fashion, we created it! From my lens there has certainly been a lot of progress when it comes to opportunity for women. And there is still a lot of opportunity to grow and make it even better. It is important to focus on the wins and where we’ve come versus only focusing on where we still have to go and what’s still not right.

We all need to step away from everything every now and then. What is your favorite thing to do to escape the stress of entrepreneurship?

I’m extremely motivated by benchmarks and timelines. I’ll schedule a vacation for myself three months out and use it as a way to push myself for the next three months straight. It helps when I need that extra push to get me through getting stuff done – especially if it is stuff I don’t want to do. “Amanda, get it done now, you’ll have time to relax on your vacation.”

How has your faith affected your purpose?

Faith is relying on the unseen and believing in that unseen. The unseen could be the Holy Spirit, Jesus or God. For me my faith played a massive role when I left my first corporate job at Target when I was 23 for an interim position at Wells Fargo with no guarantee on how long that position would last. I gave up my security, a well-paying salary and did something that most people would not consider. While I was working at Target, during the evenings at home I would cry and I remember one time dropping to my knees and begging Him to answer my prayers and make my sadness end. I so longed for the time and opportunity to be out on my own. It wasn’t until 2 years after that when I was out on my own that I could see His purpose and WHY he had me go through and experience that season of my life. Ever since then I have learned to trust even more His will and His timing.

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