Active and Passive Sin

Many times we equate our worth on sexual, drug and alcohol abstinence, but we remain disobedient to God’s calling upon our individual lives. Living in purity is great, but if we live righteously without obeying God fully in all aspects, we’re stilling sinning. Sin is characterized by the fears we’re allowing to creep inside our minds to keep us from faith. It’s skews our God-given identity.

We tend to have a check list of “certain” sins that displease God. My point is that, even if we never walkout any of those “certain” sins, we displease God, because we’re not doing anything with our salvation.

How is passivity a sin? It’s the sin of omission and disobedience. It’s the sin of waiting for God to give you a sign, when He’s shown you the scarred hands of Christ. It’s the sin of letting a dying world remain ignorant to the life-giving love of Jesus Christ. It’s the sin of apathy.

“The only thing evil men need to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmond Burke

Our apathy keeps us stagnant and our silence keeps us in sin.