Review: Colby Martin’s NEW Book UnClobber

Colby Martin challenges his readers to follow Christ in his NEW book, UnClobber: Rethinking our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality. He reveals that, “UnClobber came out of his desire to reverse the damage of the so-called Clobber Passages.”

This text is not a based in liberal formulaic agendas, nor is it an affront to the Evangelical Church. It is a memoir of a pastor who has chosen to be bold enough to expose his doubts and questions in regards to the treatment of homosexuals within the church. “Martin reveals that true Christianity must stem from a position of intertwined theological truth with Christ-like compassion.”

The author invites us to accompany him on his journey of transformed thought. We start in a floral room filled with stanch stares. Finally, one of the statutes questions Martin, “You wrote here, that while you agree with the denomination on the issue of homosexuality, you struggle with our church’s policies. Can you elaborate?” Colby goes down the list, exposing the strict dissonance of his heart and mind. As he awaits his ordination from the denominational Board, he’s gripped with guilt as he peruses each regulation – each stanch law that paints the LGBTQ community as less than human.

Years pass, but the same turmoil in his soul remains. He reveals, “I wasn’t flitting the mold of what a Christian pastor should look like.” His church soon fell into agreement with his own concern. Soon after the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: policy was changed, thousands of pastors fled to social media to display their reaction – Colby Martin was one of them. He responded by updating his Facebook status to, I’m glad this day finally came. “The chair of the Elder Board had called an emergency meeting for Friday morning to “deal with the situation”. Martin approached the pastoral staff and presented his oration. However, he was left with distant stares and questioning glances. In his open stance of inclusiveness, He had become the black sheep Click To Tweet– He had become the prodigal of the church.

As I perused the pages of Colby Martin’s story and his interpretation of Clobber verses, I hid the text from view. I looked around the crowded coffee shop and questioned my placement in the room. Would anyone question why I was reading this book? Would they see me differently? Would they deem me liberal or a degenerate of Evangelicalism?

As I peered past the headlines, I understood Martin’s quench for social justice, equality and most importantly, integrity. UnClobber challenges us to see those within the LGBTQ community as made in the image of God, but it goes beyond that – It dares us to see ourselves as part of the community of Christ. Colby dares us to embrace the questions, invite the dialogue and allow the skepticism to invade the pulpit. Click To TweetUnClobber challenges us to question the validity of our convictions and delve into our own research.


Why is it so difficult to voice your questions, doubts and differences within the church? Thought?

Good luck on your own journeys!